Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Mistakes in an Assignment Can Cost You a Low Grade or a Failure. We Offer Top-Notch Writing Assistance To Help Students Achieve Their Academic Goals. However, We Have a Refund Policy for Students, In Case, Our Writer Make a Mistake in Their Work.


We have satisfied countless students in the past with our high-quality homework writing service. Nonetheless, we have a refund policy for students who don’t find our service satisfactory, based on their needs. You should read our refund policy meticulously to avoid any confusion about it. We have a clear and transparent policy if students prefer a refund from us rather than utilizing our writing assistance. We can either offer students a full or partial refund for our service if they are not satisfied with us. We also offer free revisions to customers for our writing services. Therefore, we recommend you free revisions of your work before you ask us for a refund.


When Can You Ask Us For a Refund?


You can ask us for a refund in the following conditions:


  1. Deadline Not Met: We have highly proficient writers; thus, it is very unlikely for them not to meet the deadline. However, if any of our writers fail to meet your assignment deadline, you can ask us for a refund.


  1. Plagiarism: We ensure 100% plagiarism-free work to make sure students don’t encounter the problem of plagiarism. If any kind of plagiarism is detected in the work of our writers, you can ask for a refund.


  1. Low-Quality Paper: You will want to stand out in your class with high-quality paper and earn good grades. Therefore, we make sure you get the best work for your assignment from our credible writers. We have also satisfied many students before with our top-notch writing assistance. Despite our reliable writing assistance, if students receive an extremely low-quality paper, they can ask us for a refund.


  1. Revisions Not Done on Time: Our free revisions for writing services we offer help us ensure students get the best from our writers. Nevertheless, you can claim a refund if we fail in doing revisions for you.


  1. Customer Service Representative Showing No Response: Usually, our customer service representatives remain in touch with the clients to keep them up-to-date about their work. It may happen that our customer service representative won’t respond to a client via email, phone, or chat. If that happens, you can ask us for a refund.


Based on any of the above conditions, you can claim a refund from us. However, you can only claim a refund within 7 days of your receipt of work if we fail to satisfy you. You cannot claim a refund after the aforementioned time. If we accept your refund claim, we shall take 10 to 15 working days to process it. Additionally, it is up to us to decide to offer you a partial or complete refund, in case you don’t mention it. Full refund means 90% of the total payment you made to us to avail of our writing service.


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