Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We offer academic writing services to students (customers/clients). We are a reliable platform for students to help them manage ad complete their assignments on time. Protecting the privacy of our clients is important to us, and we have a privacy policy in this regard. Our strict rule and regulations help us ensure to protect our clients’ data. Students can feel safe sharing their personal information with us because we keep it confidential by all means. You can count on us concerning your privacy and avail of our homework writing service with confidence. Here are strict guidelines that we follow to ensure our customers’ data privacy:


  1. Contact Information: We make sure that our client data remain confidential so that no one can access it for misuse. We have a well-organized system for your data safety under the supervision of data security experts. It helps us protect the data of our clients with strict security. No salesperson in our company has the right to share or disclose the data of clients to writers or others. We keep your contact information only in our database to communicate with you regarding your assignments.


  1. Email Privacy: We understand how important your email address is to you for online communication. If someone other than those in your contact list gets its access, the situation can become perilous for you. Strangers may send your threats or misleading information to steal your information if it happens. In order to save you from online threats, we keep your email address safe from attackers. We only keep your email address to inform you about any future discounts or promotional offers.


  1. Safe Payment Transfer System: Hackers can steal information of account information of internet users and use it to harm others. Online payment systems need data security against such threats. Thus, we utilize a secure payment transfer method to ensure your information doesn’t go into the wrong hands. It aids us in protecting your private data and billing information from hackers, frauds, or spam websites. We never disclose the billing information of our clients to anyone. We use safe cookies and set them to your browser to ensure the payment transfer procedure remains safe and smooth. Although our cookies won’t trouble you, you can ask us to disable them if they trouble you, in any case.


  1. Data Security: We have the highest concerns to save and secure our client data. We respect the privacy of our clients and understand what their information means to them. Hence, we have a perfect and safe system for storing & saving client data. We feed your data in our system in a password format to keep it confidential and protect others from revealing it.


*We shall make changes to our Privacy Policy and revise it when there is a need for it. We shall apply critical changes to this policy to utilize your personal information more effectively and ensure its confidentiality. When we do that, we shall inform our customers about this by posting a notice on our website.*


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